mlat58: Wall of Sound
[Seattle, USA. November 17th, 2011] Seattle's most elite music shop delivers a snippet of their genius.

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There are two gentlemen that own and run Wall of Sound (Jeffery & Michael). Jeffery, the bearded of the two, has chosen to classify each track in his mix in the abstract:

1) Welcome To Magic City.
2) Dinner Music.
3) Brains, Let's Eat.
4) Groovy Limbs Too.
5) Soy Bean Hostages.
6) Rare Dylan Hairs.
7) You Can Be Punk.
8) Grits & Collard Greens
9 ) Cabbage Funk.
10) Oh Shit.
11) Robot Love.
12) Bedtime In The Stars.
13) What Do You Really Know?
14) Digital Failures Included*** Unreleased nugget.
15) How To Do It.
16) Kills Me Every Time.
17) Oh Yes. Uh Huh.
18) Lay It On Thick.
19) Lay It On Think.
20) Lay On It.
21) Get Laid.
22) Sing It Larry.
23) Dream Salute.
24) I Know We Can.
25) Sweet Dreams.

Could you indulge us with a (brief) history of your Wall of Sound shop? How long have you been in business?

We recently turned 21 years old. Now we can grow long hair, drink beer and freak out.

How are things currently going?

If things as we know them are considered carefully and then compared to other greater and more important things in general then things as we know them seem to be going okay. People could always buy more records though!

Who is responsible for how the shop works?

It's a two man operation; myself and Michael Ohlenroth. We put in equal parts toward how the shop functions. We try as best we can to keep up with it!

What has been your experience/perspective with the the business since the birth of Napster and the mass pirating of digital media?

Music retail took a rather large hit across the board starting in the mid to late 90s. Including us. We have managed to survive due in parts to our smaller scale, determined nature and our esoteric approach to how we stock the store. Now everyone has a million songs on their hard drive or whatever and that's fine. As long as people remember that they need an extra music surprise every now and then. Going to your local record store (if you're lucky enough to have one) is the perfect way to find something you were not expecting.
Always remember to go to the record store! It's fun! It's important! Go to the the record store and try something new on for size and you'll be better for it!

What about at the heart of all of this... how is the music? Are you excited about new music that is made and being made available today?

The music is great.
It keeps going and it keeps us going.
We wouldn't do it otherwise.
It is vast.
It is constant.
It is difficult to keep up with.
It's new.
It's old.
It's the best thing ever.
It's why we're here.

Could you talk a little bit about your podcast?

It's just some stuff I've had on rotation around the house. I hope you all enjoy it!

What does the future hold for you and your provision of quality music for the city of

We love doing what we do and we keep trying as best we can. We have a lot of good friends and customers and that keeps us going. We hope to continue to win more good friends and customers in the years to come. The cravings of the record hounds still persist and as long as they exist so shall we.


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1. Sun Ra - Medicine for a Nightmare [El Saturn]
2. Lamb - Hawaii [unknown]
3. Nico Fidenco - Resurrection [Lucertola Media]
4. Tony Mottola - Guitar Thing [Project 3]
5. Captain Beefheart - My Human Gets Me Blues [Revenant]
6. Hendrix - Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window [unreleased live version]
7. Warsaw - unknown [pre Joy Division demos]
8. Funkadelic - Funky Woman [unknown]
9. Polanie - Nie Zawroce [unknown]
10. Little Ed & The Soundmasters - Its a Dream [Numero Group]
11. Girls Tape Store - Melt [Sucre]
12. Sun Ra - Advice to Medics [El Saturn]
13. White Noise - Love Without Sound [Island]
14. AFCGT - Suitcase [Unreleased]
15. Creations Unlimited - Chrystal Illusion [Soul Kitchen / Numero]
16. Post Industrial Boys - Melon [Max Ernst]
17. Ron Buford - Deep Soul (Part 2) [BGP]
18. Jimi Hendrix - Level [Astan]
19. Curtis Mayfield - Think [Curtom]
20. Alice Coltrane - Turiya and Ramakrishna [Impulse!]
21. Blo - Chant to Mother Earth [Strut]
22. Jimi Hendrix & Larry Lee - Mastermind [Experience Hendrix]
23. Sonny Sharrock - Who Does She Hope to Be? [Axiom]
24. Pastor T. L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir - Like a Ship [Numero]
25. Bhattacharya & Brozman - Lullabye [Riverboat]