mlat59: Lerosa
[Roma, Italy via Dublin, Ireland. December 15th, 2011] - A creative sound scientist delivers passions for warm acid and analog.

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Its so great to have you help close out a year (of what we've been happy to see be) of great music. What have you been up to over the last 12 months (or as far back as you can recall)?

This year I have been mostly working on the production of my LP ‘Amanatto’ which came out on Uzuri a couple of months back. I have also been working on smaller projects; a track on the "House Expressions" compilation on Lunar Disko and a remix for my mate Graham Bray, aka Rawtro, for his debut EP soon-ish to be out on Melodram Recordings, out of Spain I believe.

Behind the scenes I have been working on new material; look at Apartment, Further and Sued in the coming months for various Lerosa related projects.

The rest of the year I have spent at various Lunar Disko Parties, getting sloshed and wagging the disco finger.

How was the weather been in Ireland? Do you still find yourself comfortable over there?

The weather has been a disaster since I got here in '95. I have luckily turned into a duck in the intervening years so wet and miserable weather is of comfort to me and good for me feathers.

You've noted here and there that you've turned away from newer releases and have reverted to buying older tunes. How do you feel about the music that has been released this year?

Well in fairness I have been buying new music as well as old music, represses or just Discogs hunting. I think there have been a lot of great new releases. I have certainly enjoyed old music like the Virgo Four compilation on Rush Hour or the Drexciya compilation on Clone but at the same time there have been great new releases from the likes of John Heckle, Big Strick, Instra:mental, Legowelt, Omar-S and Storm Queen. I think the move away from dumb dark machismo of dubstep into the realm of more experimental techno/electro or its middling with house has been a positive thing has it got me also into a lot of interesting things like Cosmin TRG and the likes.

Who have you been looking to carry the torch for electronic music production as of late?

Legowelt. Humble, funny, inspirational and getting better with age, the man is a beacon in the night.

Do you have any (direct/indirect) responses to this by way of the things you've been working on lately?

Well, in a sense yes, I have been really enjoying a lot of synth heavy productions in general, be it Legowelt, or Gatekeeper, Model Man or Games or Protect-U so I have been quite influenced... if this actually translated in a different sound I am not sure, you'll have to judge by yourself once the next records come out...

You haven't exactly been sitting in obscurity for the past couple years - there are many wonderful interviews and mixes of yours that dazzle the internet. Could you just say a few words about the mix you've made for use and what its about?

Yea, as much as I am a sucker for producers who have an air of mystique about them I resolved to be myself when it comes to how to present myself to the press or whatever, without artifice, so I don't shy away from interviews or from podcasts, when I have stuff to give I don't hold back.

This mix was a bit of a step back after my last two mixes where I did explore more techno and hybrid dubstep textures (see my mix on Soundcloud "afterhours" and my recent podcast on ISM). I wanted to return to the themes I have been playing with all year, namely mixing old and new music, trying to draw connection lines between ancient Orb remixes and the current deep house trends, between old Lidell Townsell acid classics and the new breed of acid producers like 2 AM FM and generally juxtaposing producers from different years and from styles to highlight the diversity and depth electronic dance music has.

How do you plan on closing out the year? Any plans, regrets or resolutions?

Oh no plans, I have stopped making plans. We'll see what happens.

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1. DJ Yoav B - Peace [Syncrophone]
2. OM Unit - Lavender [All City Records]
3. Jay Simon - Faith [Wild Oats]
4. Kazino - Binary [Strut]
5. 52nd Street - Cool As Ice [Factory]
6. ESP - It's You [Underground]
7. Tony V - Trackin' Down The House (Never Change) [Sample Records]
8. Keichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (The Orb's Transasian Express Remix) [WAU / Mr. Modo Records]
9. Storm Queen - Look Right Through [Environ]
10. John Heckle - Ancient Deep [Signals]
11. Innerzone Orchestra - Bug in the Bassbin [Mo Wax]
12. Chicken Lips - Do It Proper (Maurice Fulton Remix) [Kingsize]
13. Terrence Dixon - Climb (Orlando Voorn Remix) [Nightvision]
14. T. Williams - Go In [Local Action]
15. Chicago Shags - Westside [Bunker Records]
16. Storm Queen - It Goes On [Environ]
17. Lidell Townsell (feat Kool Rock Steady) - I'll Make You Dance [TRAX Records]
18. 2 AM FM - Desolate Cities [M>O>S Recordings]
19. Reel by Real - Freedom From What [a.r.t.less]
20. Space Dimension Controller - Usurper [R & S Records]