mlat60: Night Gallery
[Seattle, USA. December 31st, 2011] - Great friends of the MLAT showcase their favorite finds of the year.

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Thanks for closing out the year with your selection of the year's best. What is it about these tunes that made the cut?

S: I think 2011 was a great year for music so it wasn't difficult to find tunes for this mix. We basically had a big stack of records we agreed on and this is how it turned out after about two hours. The only problem is that there were so many more that we just couldn't fit in.

K: Yes, we had a few more tracks that would have been great to showcase but we let this mix flow pretty naturally and this is what we ended up with. After we finished I realized that we hadn’t dropped a favorite Night Gallery track. Still kicking myself for that omission.

Care to focus on a select few that were especially important finds, and why?

S: I've always been a big Juju & Jordash fan, but I think they really crushed it this year. Their two tunes in the mix are so good and so different from each other. Such versatile artists, but have a style and sound all their own. Our friends at Further had a great year and released a great variety as well. The Tabernacle and M>O>S labels released a lot of good stuff too.

K: I really like what Future Times have been doing and Protect-U’s “World Music” was a knockout that stayed in my box all year. That Esteban Adame track really hit all the right buttons for me and was really slept on. Plus Eduardo De La Calle re-imagined techno’s past and delivered some of the most intricate work of the year through his Analog Solutions label. It was great to see Kevin Reynolds getting back into the swing of things, releasing more music again this year. And his “Liaisons” was terrific: mechanical sounding percussion juxtaposed with a halcyon melody.

What are your respective histories as deejays?

S: I was very lucky to have somehow been exposed to underground electronic dance music in the middle of Kansas in 1989. I started playing records in 1993/94 and that's about it.

K: I discovered electronic music in the early ‘90s in neighboring Missouri (me and Shawn never bumped into each other though) and was bit by the techno bug when I heard the Red Planet series and Galaxy 2 Galaxy’s “Hi-Tech Jazz.” After that there was no looking back.

How has the Night Gallery label that you started together been going so far?

S: Smooth. I'm very pleased with what we've done.

K: We’ve been lucky to work with some very talented and gracious artists. Releasing on vinyl isn’t the easiest thing to do, financially, but it’s something we’re committed to and proud of.

What is the label's sound/aesthetic? Does it embody a particular vision, or is that element not particularly set in stone?

K: Over the years we’ve both liked when you get a 12” and it covers vastly different styles but retains a high quality level. And I think that is one thing that we have looked at doing when possible, but at the same time we aren’t going to limit ourselves by that condition.

S: The only thing that is set in stone is that we only do wax.

When did the label start, how did you choose the name, and how do you feel about its future?

S: We came up with the idea for the label earlier in 2010. I was a big Rod Serling fan when I was a kid and really dug his early 70's show called Night Gallery. It was like the Twilight Zone on LSD. I guess that's where the idea for the name comes from. There is no master plan for Night Gallery. We just want to continue releasing music that we love and believe in.

Were you able to accomplish certain goals that you had for Night Gallery this year?

S: I don't think we have goals for the label that are set in stone. If we find music that we love and care about from an artist that we click with we want to put it out there. We released the two Dijkhuis EPs last year. There's a four track EP from LOW LOW scheduled for release early 2012 and another from Alex Israel later in the year. We are very happy with those accomplishments.

And as to be expected, care to reflect for a minute on 2011? Any regrets and/or resolutions?

K: This year felt good from a music perspective. No major regrets or resolutions. Just keep doing what we’ve been doing.

S: I will remember 2011 as the year I turned 40, a great year for music, and not such a great year for the world.

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1. John Beltran - Beautiful Robots [Styrax]
2. o1o - Bunny Rabbitz [Further]
3. Juju & Jordash - Chelm Is Burning [Golf Channel]
4. John Heckle - My Only Hope [Tabernacle]
5. Kevin Reynolds - Liaisons [Nsyde]
6. R-A-G - Harold's Invention [M>O>S]
7. C-Beams - Thumbling [Uncanny Valley]
8. Mark DuMosch - Birdsong [Tabernacle]
9. Protect-U - World Music [Future Times]
10. Omar S - Here's Your Trance Now Dance [FXHE]
11. Fred P - Come This Far [Soul People Music]
12. Kassem Mosse - A [Workshop 12]
13. Eduardo De La Calle - The Concept Sampler [Analogue Solutions]
14. D'Marc Cantu - Set Free [M>O>S Deep]
15. Juju & Jordash - Bleached Roots [Rush Hour]
16. Spekter - Pipe Bomb [Sound Signature]
17. Chasing Voices – Another Walk [Preserved Instincts]
18. Tin Man - Nonneo (Donato Dozzy Remix) [Acid Test]
19. Lucretio - A Mountain [Machines State]
20. Esteban Adame - I'll Never Give Up [Underground Quality]
21. Alex Israel - Gaz 13 feat. Etiku Dancer [W.T. Records]
22. Mike Slott/Martyn - Pointing Fingers [All City]