mlat78: DJ D'Nelski
[Seattle, USA. January 14, 2013] - Local indie-radio deejay and video store 'slanger envisions a melancholy dreamscape.

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Let's get right into this mix. You're classifying this as a "night bus" mix. Could you explain what you're implying with that description?

Yeah, so "night bus" is simply the type of music you ideally want to listen to on your headphones while riding a bus alone at night. It's not really genre-specific, as there's more of an emphasis on music that fits a particular environment and invokes a certain feeling/vibe. The term stemmed from a discussion on the Hipinion forum, seemingly referencing the Burial song "Night Bus" (which fits so perfectly) and then gained some more exposure through a pair of mixes that CFCF put together called "Do U Like Night Bus." Generally, it's music with a slower pace, more open space, contemplative, sexy, melancholy, strong emotional overtones. I'm a beat junkie with a longtime love for R&B, so this mix is heavy on new beats with a romantic, nostalgic influence that I feel fall into the "night bus" umbrella.

Your label Hush Hush releases material much in the same aesthetic. Would you classify Hush Hush as a "night bus" imprint?

Yep! Hush Hush -- both as a monthly DJ night and label -- is dedicated to curating and releasing "night bus" music.

How did you record this podcast, and what drove you to choose these selections?

I put together the set using my pair of CDJs and old school 2-channel Behringer mixer, then went to my homie Collin Andresen's to do it live and throw it through his mixing board to record into Logic. All the selections are a lot of my favorite new/forthcoming tracks that I've been spinning at the Hush Hush monthly and on my overnight KEXP show. I threw in an older R&B cut (Maxwell's "Drowndeep: Hula") for nostalgia :) There's also a couple forthcoming Hush Hush tracks with the Javier Escareno cut (his debut beat tape will most likely drop in February) and a Kid Smpl remix of Fjord Morrison from an EP that will be released digitally in March with a cassette tape release planned as well.

Are you a melancholy sort of dude? In addition to working at a Seattle radio station, you have worked part time at a video store. You must consume a monumental amount of Indie music and film.

Music and film have been an integral part of my life for the last decade for sure. I have the privilege of being able to view a lot of films, and I do watch a lot new ones, but I wouldn't consider myself much of a film buff. Music's definitely more my passion and what I'm more drawn towards consuming and sharing. I don't think I'm a melancholy sort of dude, actually way more upbeat and optimistic than that. But I'm certainly drawn heavily to both music and film with a strong emotional resonance. I've always found sad movies and sad music beautiful in its own way.

Could you talk a little bit about your record label, what sort of things you have going on, and how you develop the relationships with your artists?

Hush Hush was initially a monthly DJ night dedicated to showcasing "night bus" music that expanded into a label when I decided to release new music by Seattle-based artist Kid Smpl (aka Joey Butler), specifically his debut album ('Skylight' -- out now!). I had known Joey since late 2011 through his music on Car Crash Set, a fantastic future bass label run by DJ/producer Ill Cosby, and then eventually meeting him at Ill Cosby's 'Street Halo' monthly DJ night. So we've been friends for awhile now, which made the process of putting together his debut album, as well as the preceding 'Escape Pod' EP and 'Dope Pace SE' remix collection, a smooth, dialogue-heavy process. The next couple Hush Hush offerings will be a debut beat tape from Houston's Javier Escareno, a hip-hop-influenced producer that Kid Smpl discovered on Soundcloud. His style reminds me a lot of Clams Casino. And then an EP release from Fjord Morrison, an enigmatic bedroom producer, that will feature remixes from Kid Smpl (included in this podcast), Druid Cloak, and Seattle's Domokos. I'm also working with some emerging producers, most primarily based in Seattle, but those are still in development stages at this point.

When you started the label, did you have any particular vision, or did it just sort of come together spontaneously?

I feel the launch of the label was actually fairly organic, but with a more near-sighted vision than what it's become. I really wanted people to hear Kid Smpl's music, and when some other labels didn't pan out, it seemed like a natural progression to make it happen. Initially I thought I'd just work on putting out his album and then, naively, that would be it, but that's no longer the case. I'm really excited about the future of Hush Hush, building a catalog, and further sharing this type of music with the world.

While it appears that you've established good momentrum with Hush Hush, what (if any) issues have you run into?

Hmmmm maybe just figuring out how to balance my time and jobs with the new addition of running a label?

And how is your release schedule looking for 2013? Anything exciting or ambitions on the schedule, wether it be for Hush Hush, your day gigs, or your DJ schedule?

On top of the releases by Javier Escareno and Fjord Morrison, there's a massive remix collection of Kid Smpl's 'Skylight' album that's in the works with a balanced contribution from local artists and non-local/international artists. That will probably come out mid-Spring and will most likely be a multi-volume release. There's some exciting DJ gigs for me and live events involving Hush Hush artists lined up: I'm spinning an opening set at the FaltyDL show this Friday January 18th at Lo-Fi, Kid Smpl will be opening up for Andy Stott this Saturday January 19th at the Crocodile, Hush Hush will be at Lo-Fi on Saturday January 26th during this month's TRUST party. TRUST will also have Sean Horton and Carlos Ruiz from Decibel spinning in the backroom while me, Kid Smpl, DJAO, and Domokos will do DJ sets in the front room. Next month marks 1-year since starting the monthly Hush Hush night, so we're throwing an anniversary party at Vermillion on Friday February 15th. Stoked for that. Much more on the horizon too :)

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1. How To Dress Well - Say My Name of Say Whatever (Intro) [Acéphale/Weird World]
2. Essáy & Stumbleine - Rhiannon (not on label)
3. Lapalux - Forgetting and Learning Again (feat. Kerry Leatham) [Brainfeeder]
4. Justin Timberlake - My Love (BEΛR//FVCE Remix) (not on label)
5. Solice - Never Know (not on label)
6. Friendzone - Chuch [self-released via Bandcamp]
7. Javier Escareno - Forevr [Hush Hush]
8. αtμ - Close (not on label)
9. Different Sleep - Want U 2 Know [Svengali]
10. Stumbleine - The Corner of Her Eye [Monotreme]
11. DFRNT - El Spirito (Beatless Version) [Echodub]
12. Shelter Point - Forever For Now [Hotflush Recordings]
13. Guerre - For Qwanisha [Yes Please]
14. Dalai Lama Renaissance - How Do You Do (Zack Christ Remix) [Dandelion Lotus]
15. Myth Syzer - Blue [Plug Research]
16. Robots Don't Sleep - So Bad (Synkro Dub Mix) [Four Music]
17. Futurewife - It Gets Better (Roma Remix) [Immersed Audio]
18. snacs - Relax Dude (Float) [not on label]
19. Maxwell - Drowndeep: Hula [Columbia]
20. Namine - One Day (Edit of Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men) [Egpytian Maraccas]
21. Fjord Morrison - Late After Dark (Kid Smpl Remix) [Hush Hush]